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A great e.p. from my favorite local jersey band. Once you put it on, you cant stop listening! We miss you June Spirit!!!!!!

Still as good as always!


Let's put it this way...I didn't like music. But, being a teenager at the time, a cute girl wanted me to go see Brand New, so of couse I went. The June Spirit opened. Forget about Brand New {no offense}, but, The June Spirit put on a great show for a tiny Boys and Girls club in Delaware. One of the Guitarists even ended up breaking his Guitar mid-song; snatched his flying back-up from the air and kept going like nothing happened...did I mention he fell from his Half Stack onto his Les Paul, hence the broken Guitar. Long story short, I like music now; thank you everyone from June Spirt...my life is fuller because of your contribution. So, everyone BUY THIS ALBUM and the other one. Thank you!!!!
~the rev.

About June Spirit

First appearing in the summer of 2001, New Jersey's the June Spirit instantly made their mark with the strong Treat Me Like Someone Else EP.

Filled with passionate vocals and strong songwriting, the album launched the guys -- vocalist Ian Musgrove, guitarists Alin Ashraf and Garrett Crouse, drummer Jordan Crouse, and bassist Dave Carlson -- onto the touring circuit with bands like the Descendents. After coming back from the road, they stepped back into the studio and recorded Testing Superstition, again for Negative Progression Records. The album was released in the summer of 2002, and the June Spirit broke up the following year. Several members later went on to record an EP under the name Fire Divine. ~ Bradley Torreano

    Marlton, NJ

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