1 Song, 4 Minutes


About Phyllis Chapell & SIORA

Pennsylvanian Phyllis Chapell has made a name in the region with her impressive vocal range, ability to sing in numerous languages, and her acoustic guitar playing. Singing in a variety of musical styles from an early age, including religious and Israeli songs in Hebrew, American folk, and pop, Chapell's music has taken her all over the world. During her travels, she has been heavily influenced by Brazilian, Latin American, European, and African music, adding them to her repertoire. With keyboard player Dan Kleiman, she has lead the ensemble SIORA, whose predominant sound is a blend of world jazz and Brazilian music. Chapell has also performed with Ken Ulansey Klezmer & World Ensemble, which covers a diverse range of styles including swing, big band, classic rock, and R&B. As a solo artist, Chapell issued World Songs in 2000. ~ Tom Demalon