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4.7 out of 5
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7 Ratings

Excellent assorment of smooth, groovy, hiphop rhythms. Nothing short of stellar and some...

Where do I begin? DJ T-Rock and Squash have done nothing here to disappoint with "Rock and Suash Techniques". They've delivered the goods in mint condition. This album contains a very solid lineup of songs that are all...well...dam good. The beats, samples, & DJ skills, displayed are superb! These guys bring me the same satisfaction that DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Mix Master Mike do...or any great hiphop artist for that matter. Yes they're that good.

I've had the pleasure of seeing DJ T-Rock live here in S.F. and his talent stands out like a sore thumb. I look forward to his next visit. You need to do a show at "Milk", but I'm down with "Madrones" too.

If you're looking for music to get your party/gathering or moment of solitude going then this is the ideal album. Don't matter whether you're chillen, grooving or dancing, it'll work.

Props to my cousin Raven for introducing me to him. And for the rest of you readers..stop reading this review and go expand your hiphop collection with "Rock and Squash Techniques"! Don't think about it, be about it.


Lorenzo Moritzio

Simple Songs and Wicked Beats

Seriously, I heard Hip Hop Body Rock in New Zealand on Holiday. It was pretty good, cause they are playin the video like crazy. But the cd is tight. What else have these guys done?

About DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice

Hailing from Atlanta, DJ T-Rock has been a hip-hop DJ since the late '80s and is a member of the Third World Citizens crew along with DJ Faust and Shortee. His first album, Who's Your Daddy, was released on Bomb Hip Hop in 1999, and balanced turntable tricks and an old school party atmosphere. A second release, Sikinthehed, came out in 2001. ~ Wade Kergan



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