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a little uneven, but matches the material


To those who think this is racist: Look into the history of this script. It was written in the 1970's and the stage play is an amazing reflection of the times and the unique struggles black women faced and still face. Are you that blind to anything written before 2004? Your ignorant and uninformed remarks would be laughable if they weren't so pathetic. Get a clue - there is more to life than your own tiny world. And lest you just brush me off as someone reflected in the movie, I'm not. I'm a 57 year old white man. And I am so looking forward to this movie. Ntozake Shange's writings are wonderful, and give a huge window into a world I don't inhabit. Her novels are lyical, her poetry is wise and alive. I only hope the film script does justice to the original stage version - there were no men in that.



itunes all i want is four women. y cant i just buy that....huh!!!

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