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206 Ratings
jawkneemac ,

I just want Sunshine

I've wanted a copy of Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards for years. All I ever found on CD was the bluegrass version (which is also great, but I notice not available). I find it here and it's only available with the entire soundtrack album. What happened to all the htype about only needing to buy the songs you want. This is the sort of greed that drives people away.

Beemer ,

Anchorman soundtrack

I loved the songs in the movie, so bought the soundtrack. There was talking throughout the songs so it ruined the listening. I would have preferred the talking before/after the songs instead of throughout them. I would have done better buying the individual songs from other albums.

CamandO ,

I am Ron Burgundy??.....yes you are son, yes you are.

OK some may say the talking before each somg ruins it (like some reviews). HOWEVER i must tell you this is what makes it worth buying the SOUNDTRACK rather than just buying all the songs individually. It has it's oen individuallity unlike many soundtracks you get and your like why did i have to get this?? Trust me if you appreciate will ferrell's humor you'll appreciate this album. I have memorized all of his little talking thingy's before each song and it is hilarious to mouth, and it gives each song its own little history adn meaning before it satrs which is great. NOt only is the talking funny but this album does not have a bad song (aside from teh one he "ruined" by talking through, but it sucked anyways...trust me). He doesn't mess with the song like that one review said all of his littel talking things ARE before or after the song. GET THIS ALBUM it is hilarious and wonderful....and sets it aside from other soundtracks.

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