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Spenser Anderson,

Hey other reviewers, you can't charge for a podcast so this has to be in an album. You can't add to an album, unless you're a major priority to iTunes, so that's why each is in a new album. Because of the length of each episode iTunes automatically sets the price and it takes some time to correct, because as I said before, Knockin' Boots isn't an iTunes top priority. At least that's what I believe is going on. So, as I see it, there's no need to be upset with the people that are taking the time to continue recording these.

Thanks for the new Boots guys! Great way to kickoff summer.

$10? Are you serious?


Look Daemon, I know you guys would like to charge for this podcast and I understand why, but $10 is an absolutely outrageous price. Also why can't you guys consolidate all the episodes into one album? Better yet put the episodes on the podcast box.

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