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Dreaming Dusk

If you're new to Hatsune Miku...

...and you want to start getting her music on iTunes, I would definately recommend getting this album first. It contains some of the essential Hatsune Miku songs that every fan ought to know.

Supercell's produced many of the most widely recognized Miku songs out there, such as Melt, Black Rock Shooter (Which is now an anime OVA), World is Mine (Maybe you've heard this one on the new Toyota Corolla commercials.), Koi ha Sensou (Eng: Love is War), and Hajimeteno Koi Ga Owarutoki. (Eng: When Love Ends for the First Time) But even the lesser known tracks on this album are worth listening to, so it's probably best to get the whole thing, if possible. :3

...And, if you like Supercell's music, I'd also recommend checking out Dixie Flatline, Toraboruta, and DECO*27. They've produced many flagship Vocaloid songs as well.

Now, if we could just get some cosMo music on here... x3

Joker Alice


As WooFoo91 said, several of Hatsune Miku's greatest songs are on this album. One other you may mention is Usotsuki no Parade, which is a truly great song. Supercell is a writer in which you can trust both the lyrics and the sound will be great. Five stars....

iLean S

Great Album!!

This is a great album for any Miku or Vocaloid fan. It includes some of her most popular songs such as Melt, Black Rock Shooter,and her most popular song, The World is Mine. Do note that before you buy, World is Mine will use the Toyota commercial version (whcih was used in the single), and that both Love is War (Koi Ha Sensou) and When the First Love Ends (Hajimento Koi Ga Owarutoki) are typed in Romaji Japanese. Also, the music will be slightly different than what you hear online. Other than what I've mentioned already, I would definintely recommend Heart Breaker, but all of the songs are great, and I'd recommend the entire album to anyone who loves Miku or Vocaloid.



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