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3.5 out of 5

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Simply A Great Score!


Christopher Drake has earned his place as the best of the DC Animated Movie Universe's composers and one of the best superhero composers of all time - period. He makes quality work, and this score is no exception. He has a few themes that do repeat throughout the score and at the same time he has several unique, stand-alone tracks that pull off great emotion. The instrumentation is strong and really good: the snare drums and other selected instruments are perfect for the movie. Nonetheless, the snare drum definitely makes my day. Also, he uses a more harmonic approach to this particular score when he did his theme; from all that harmony comes a catchy melody that is easy to get caught into your head (so worth it). Christopher Drake and his usage of themes is unique to this new generation of superhero music: the big movies, both Marvel and DC lack good themes altogether whereas Drake keeps themes a part of the scores he has written. This score is completely worth buying; just listen to it, samples and all, to see why I love Drake and his music.

Great Soundtrack but...

Carlos M. Mangual,

...I can't download it and play it on my iTunes… only on my iPhone! What's up with that? :/

Fix this please and I'll change my rating!

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