2 Songs, 7 Minutes


About Screwdriver

b. Dalton Lindo, 4 April 1966, St. James Parish, Jamaica, West Indies. Inspired by the dancehall singers Pinchers, Pliers, Spanner Banner and Tenor Saw, Lindo utilized the pseudonym of Screwdriver. In the mid-80s he went to Kingston where he met Beres Hammond, who encouraged his musical aspirations. Screwdriver began his career in 1986, recording the hits ‘We Rule’, ‘Soundboy Killa’, ‘Family Counsellor’ and ‘Here I Come’. In 1989 he topped the Jamaican chart with ‘No Mama’, which became a major hit throughout the Caribbean and inspired many DJs to mimic the chorus. Following his success, Screwdriver toured America and Canada before settling in Florida, USA. Further hits followed, including ‘Reggae On Broadway’, ‘Learning The Ways Of Love’, ‘Roots And Culture’, ‘Teach Dem’ and ‘HIV’. By 1995, influenced by the music of his domicile, he blended R&B and hip-hop with Jamaican dancehall rhythms, a sound that he demonstrated on Calling Calling for the Miami-based Ikus label. The album featured ‘She Too Young’, ‘African Woman’, ‘Got To Be Love’ and ‘Selassie Live’. His earlier hit, ‘Teach Dem’, was given a hip-hop/reggae-style remix.

St. James, Jamaica
April 4, 1966