13 Songs, 59 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5

40 Ratings

40 Ratings

True to their soul


This album is completely true to itself, it would seem. This is what the band should have (and has) transformed into. It's as eclectic as Adultery, as heavy as Anarchists of Good Taste, and as true as Committed to a Bright Future.

Band ahead of their time...


....this bands entire discography from the first release to this one, will not disappoint.
You would be doing yourself a grave injustice for not starting with their first release, and then every single release thereafter ending with this one.
If you don't agree than you are either A: Dead or B: a poor judge of music.
What are you waiting for? Buy this, but don't turn a blind eye to all before it.


DFD is back


Fantastic album, it's a must for any DFD or Polkadot Cadaver fan.

About Dog Fashion Disco

The D.C. alt-metal band Dog Fashion Disco doesn't play into classy decor or the music mainstream. Their vigor cites the same intensity as Clutch, Tool, and Nothingface, taking shape for the new millennium punk revival. The band, which is composed of frontman Todd D. Smith, guitarist Greg Combs, keyboardist Jeff Siegel, bassist Steve Mears, and drummer John Ensminger, has toured with the likes of Methods of Mayhem, P.O.D., and Stone Temple Pilots. In early 2001, the band marked its debut with Anarchists of Good Taste on Spitfire Records. Committed to a Bright Future followed two years later, their final album for Spitfire. A deal with Artemis Records surfaced in November 2004 while the band prepared for its first live effort. Recorded at Fletcher's in Baltimore, Maryland, The City Is Alive Tonight: Live in Baltimore was released in January 2005. Shortly after the release of their sixth album, Adultery, in 2006, Dog Fashion Disco announced they were breaking up. In the wake of the group's dissolution, Smith went on to form a number of side projects with former bandmembers, including Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!, and El-Creepo! Guitarist Combs would also go on to release new material with his band, Celebrity Sex Scandal. Although its members kept themselves busy with other projects, they would have a hard time staying away from Dog Fashion Disco, coming together for a handful of reunion shows before officially reuniting in 2013, when they announced the release of a new album, Sweet Nothings, which arrived in 2014. ~ MacKenzie Wilson & Gregory Heaney



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