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Very Impressive...


Why can't a heavy band ever make a few softer songs without their entire hardcore fanbase flipping out? I think all of these songs are very tasteful, especially the remakes which just sound amazing. As for all of you complaining about this being their new direction, you've got a thing or two to learn. This is just something the band put out to keep it's listeners occupied until their next full release. If you don't like it, find a new band.



I've been an In Fear and Faith ever since their first album, and no matter what, they consistenly get better with every release. This EP, like everything else they have made, was incredble. I loved EVERY song; this is definitely worth EVERY cent. :)

About In Fear and Faith

Formed in 2006 in San Diego, CA, In Fear & Faith wasted little time establishing a hometown audience with their blend of furious instrumentation, electronic flourishes, and screamo vocals. Members Tyler McElhaney, Mehdi Niroomand, Noah Slifka, Cody Anderson, and Ramin Niroomand also embraced elements of heavy metal, and the resulting hybrid helped earn them a contract with Rise Records. Your World on Fire, the group's debut effort, was subsequently released in early 2009. Imperial followed in 2010. ~ Andrew Leahey

    San Diego, CA

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