17 Songs, 51 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
99 Ratings
99 Ratings
NAM61 ,

Very good first album!

Although admittedly not as lyrically or instrumentally sound as Toxicity, System's first album did have several good songs. Spiders, in my opinion, is a very disturbing song with excellent vocals by Serj. Also, Sugar bashes guns and drugs, always a good thing. I actually like this album much more than Hypnotize and Mezmerize, plus DARON DOESN'T SING! (much). Yay.

Metal Maddness ,

Was This removed ?

This is the first time in years ive seen it on itunes

Nicky Falcon ,

Amazing start!

Very sophisticated for a first album. The live tracks are great because they are played noticeably faster.
Songs listed from best to worst:

Marmalade: 10/10. Only on the Japanese import version of the album. I suggest getting it on Limewire.
Spiders: 10/10. Great opening riff. Beautifully haunting melody.
Suite-Pee: 10/10. Harmonic intro is awesome. One of the best album starters in history.
Suggestions: 10/10. I love the singing.
Peephole: 10/10. I love the opening riff. I hate the 1st 30 seconds of the track.
Storaged: 10/10. Like a better, faster and more exhilarating version of Sugar. Like Marmalade, this one isn't on the American version of the album. It's on Limewire though.
PLUCK: 10/10. I love this one. The most suspenseful intro ever. Beautiful ending.
Ddevil: 9/10. Every SOAD album has a weird song like this.
Know: 9/10. Very cool. The bridge defies all logical time signatures. Sugar: 9/10. “Every time I try to go where I really want to be, it’s already where I am, ‘cause I’m already there.” Best line ever.
War?: 9/10. Too basic for my taste. Great song for what it is.
CUBErt: 8/10. I love the chorus.
Darts: 7/10. Too basic for me. Cool vocals, thoug
Soil: 7/10. Very hard to listen too. Great solo.
Mind: 6/10. A very symphonic song. Full of tempo changes (which I actually hate), weird vocals, many different melodies and awesome bass lines. The best part of the song is the intro.

If you like this album, go onto limewire and get the songs Blue, Friik and Temper. They were all cut from the American version of the album but are really good songs.

Blue: 9/10. Some cool riffs.
Temper: 8/10. Nice tempo changes.
Friik: 8/10. I like the singing. Nice and weird.

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