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GO!GO!7188 <3

octopus theater,

Wow, iTunes actually put GO!GO!7188 on iTunes? Lovely. I love nearly all of their music. They're definitely a good band to listen to if you like that raw soul type rock music. GO!GO!7188 is a FFM band that's been around since about 2000. They're one of my favorite bands. I highly suggest this CD, but my favorite CD from them is Dasoku Hokou.

If you like the preview, you'll like the song


I bought four songs and I can't stop listening to them. They're very catchy and well done. If the high pitched Japanese voices bother you, then this isn't for you. Take my advice, if you like the preview, then buy the song you like best. Then, if you like it, then buy another one and possibly the whole album. GO!GO! Rocks, too bad they don't have any of their other stuff on here. *_*

About GO!GO!7188

With an enviable knack for pop hooks, propulsive tunes, and an energy that recalls the heady days of the British Invasion or early punk, Go! Go! 7188 is a real and happily idiosyncratic rock & roll band, a rare and welcome commodity on the Japanese pop scene. Go! Go! 7188 was formed in 1998 by Yuu (aka Yumi Nakashima) and Akko (Akiko Hamada), two close friends who had attended high school together. While both Yuu and Akko had a passion for rock & roll, neither believed that being in a band was a practical goal, and initially limited their musical activities to singing at karaoke bars and playing covers of songs by the popular Japanese rock band Judy and Mary. However, when Yuu began writing songs, the girls decided to take a stab at playing them in public, with Yuu on guitar and Akko on bass and both gals singing. After a year of playing together, Yuu and Akko added a drummer, Taakii (aka Takayuki Hasokawa), and in 2000 they released their first album, Dasoku Hokou, through Toshiba-EMI. Since then, the band has released five live albums (including 2006's Parade), two live discs, and a "greatest-hits" collection. Both Yuu and Akko have released solo albums, and Yuu has also recorded with her side project Chirinuruwowaka. ~ Mark Deming

    Tokyo, Japan

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