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i don't get it..


Jarrod has an AMAZING voice. it's so strong and powerful and emotional.. all of his other albums have showcased his voice and the emotion.. i know he wanted to go back to his folkier roots, but even just him stripped down with a guitar in concert is a force to reckon with.. therefore, i don't understand why he's all ethereal, over a bunch of frou frou arrangements. his performance of these songs on Epic Fu's Living Room series compared to these overproduced LITE FM pieces are a huge difference. Lyrically these songs are BEAUTIFUL and soooo jarrod. Musically-vocally, they're a total disappointment. I hope in time he can redo them in a LIVE performance and release them - just him, guitar and absolute command of emotion.



This record is above and beyond anything the Honorary Title did. Beautiful arrangements, intricate songwriting. WELL DONE!

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