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101 Ratings

A collection to beat all other collections.

This is probably one of the 80s groups that has molded my youth and despite not being so visible in the US music market these past couple of years. They still manage to capture me with their latest single and video "Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)" which starts off this compilation. 25 puts together all of the hits and singles that one can ever want. This collection also includes selected videos that has molded their career, so now avid fans can actually own a-ha videos that brings them back to that retro-80s some of us fondly remember. I also want to add that the iTunes plus part to this package is also a great addition as you can browse all the extra information you may want to know about a-ha, something that you may not have if you decide to purchase the physical CD. This is definitely a collector's dream and a career-crowning retrospective on one of the great pop/rock groups of the nineteen-eighties.


Come back my Analogue... I hardly knew ya...

My absolute favorite band, and definitely under-appreciated. This is quality pop/rock music in the vein of the Beatles, and I'm sorry that they were not better promoted in the U.S. While I love having this and other releases finally available on iTunes, I wish you had included the singles from their "Analogue" album on this deluxe edition. That album was one of their best, and the singles from that release deserve to be here!


Great collection! (minus the missing singles from Analogue)

My title says it all. This is a comprehensive singles collection with most of their great hits but I have to deduct a star for the U.S. version not including the singles from the Analogue album. Lucky for me, I ordered the import version that includes these plus I love having the CDs so I can import them in at 320kbps. Anyway, this is a great collection for new as well as true fans. It's too bad that they called it quits after 25 years but that is still great longevity these days. Enjoy this release, but I highly recommend the import CD release over the download.

About a-ha

Pal Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen, formerly of Bridges, formed a-ha in the early '80s. Morten Harket joined the duo, and they left for the now "legendary London flat" (so called because of its state of disrepair) to make it. By late 1983 they had achieved part of that goal by signing to WEA. "Take on Me" took three times to become a hit in the U.K., eventually hitting number two in November 1985. Going one better in the U.S. mainly due to the wide exposure of its stunning video on MTV, which fused animation with real-life action, their only further hit there was "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." which became a U.K. number one in early 1986, helping take the album Hunting High and Low to the Top Ten.

With a-ha's debut album mainly consisting of synth pop, the press were quick to dismiss them as a teeny bop sensation; however, there was more to the group than met the ear in Waaktaar's writing, and a more mature effort, Scoundrel Days, was released in October 1986. More focused, it had a stronger band feel thanks to its live drumming, displayed to great lengths on "The Swing of Things and lead single "I've Been Losing You" -- a shock to critics at the time. Further striking imagery accompanied "Cry Wolf." After a world tour, a-ha supplied the soundtrack to the James Bond flick The Living Daylights. A remix appeared on their third album, Stay on These Roads, in 1988. Considered lackluster, Stay on These Roads did feature some interesting lyrics in "Blood That Moves the Body," regarding the over-intense affection the Japanese had for popular icons in their kamikaze-like suicides. On a lighter note, one of the famous quotes of this period came from Waaktaar: commenting on Def Leppard's success with Hysteria, he scoffed that a-ha were more rock & roll! In 1990, a-ha were commended by the Everly Brothers for their rendition of "Crying in the Rain" from their fourth album, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which was largely ignored in the U.K. due to a shift in interests toward dance and the Manchester scene. The year 1993 heralded some much needed new blood in the U2 terrain of "Dark Is the Night" from the Memorial Beach album. Following the unfortunate lack of success following Memorial Beach, Furuholmen retreated into the art world while Waaktaar released the album Mary Is Coming with his new band Savoy. Seven years after the release of Memorial Beach, a-ha issued Minor Earth Major Sky in summer 2000. Released in 2002, Lifelines sold well in Europe and was followed by a lengthy tour, documented on the live album How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head, which was released in 2003.

A year later a-ha celebrated their 20th anniversary by releasing Singles 1984-2004, a collection that would put them back on the U.K. Top 20 Albums chart. In July of 2005 the band performed in Berlin as part of the massive worldwide event Live8. In November they released the new album Analogue. It was supported by a worldwide tour that included gigs in Russia and a festival in Chile. In 2009, upon issuing their ninth studio album, Foot of the Mountain, a-ha announced that they would be retiring. However, they returned in 2015 with a new album, Cast in Steel, followed by a world tour. ~ Kelvin Hayes

Oslo, Norway