3 Songs, 15 Minutes


About Heretics

Formed in 1984 in Los Angeles, California, USA, the band’s original line-up consisted of Julian Mendez (vocals), Brian Korban (guitar), Bobby Marquez (guitar), Dennis O’Hara (bass) and Rick Merrick (drums). Quickly gaining popularity on the club circuit in and around the Los Angeles area, the band attracted the attention of Metal Blade Records. Heretic’s debut release for the label was a mini-album, Torture Knows No Boundaries, in 1987. This was a worthwhile serving of fast power metal, slightly marred because Julian Mendez’s vocals were not ideally suited to the band’s hard-hitting approach. To his credit, the singer realized this and left the band, to be replaced by Mike Howe later the same year. On their second outing, Breaking Point, they sounded much more confident. However, when Howe left the band later that year to join Metal Church, a series of vocal replacements could not prevent Heretic folding in 1989.