9 Songs, 39 Minutes


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5 out of 5

5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Great talent, great album.

Master Director

I met the songwriter, Nathan Flaks, in a class on film scoring. If you were in my shoes, you would immediately notice the grand potential and relaxation he generates when he's in front and behind the mic. His control over of the painstaking profession of composing is unbelievably remarkable to witness. And to listen to this album is a great example of how this 17 year old can produce tracks better than most independent/under-appreciated bands. He (regretfully) says when creating a melody, he always seems to stray into more melancholic rhythms than he prefers. On the contrary, I say stick to what you know. It seems to be going perfectly well in the fantastic 'Regardless'. So if you happen to stumble upon this album and read this review, please don't let it go unnoticed. And if you make a note to spread the word, please don't forget.

Amazing band

Ray Flaks

This band, The First Law, is incredibly talented. Even if the members of the band were as old and experienced as some of the more popular musicians, they would still be considered great. But the astounding fact that they are only 17 is absolutely mind blowing! They have their own unique style that really only speaks for itself. And yet another unbelievable thing about them is that their music has a full enough sound to hold it's own, but they are only comprised of a singer, pianist, and drummer!
The First Law is an incredible band, both for their age, and all around, and I truly believe that they have a bright future ahead of themselves!

Brilliant Arrangements and a Great Sound

Taryn Kelly

Coming from an immerging talent, this is a remarkable album with a lovely sound. The musical arrangements are intricate and truly beautiful. Each song has it's own salient qualities and I find myself wanting to become fully aquainted with the nuaces of every track. The lyrics are thoughful and poetic, yet ultimately grounded in sincere emotion. Overall, the record comes together into a great work, worthy of further recognition.

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