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John Ginty featuring Aster Phoenyx


Great new Album by the master of the Hammond B3 and incredible vocalist Aster! Every song is beautifully done with a tight band ! But the standout is the organ playing from John Ginty! The songs get to you right from the beginning! The sound of the recordings are tremendous!
I saw them perform live at Roxy and Dukes in Dunellen NJ earlier this month and had to buy the album.


Lenny freedman,

A friend recommended John's new Album to me, I must admit I was skeptical at first. I thought it was going to be another "yawn" organ album. To my surprise it was anything but a sleeper. John Ginty turns out is a credible song writer and master B3 player. His songs are straight up hooky feel good tunes. A lotta soul in these tunes, really glad I picked this one up!!!

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