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4.3 out of 5
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21 Ratings
Reddeath 316 ,

Excellent Release

I devour death metal, and this record stands out as one of the better of my recent purchases. Very brutal, very tight, with just enough hint of groove to make it interesting. Very impressive bass playing, something that is often lacking in this genre. It is a crime that this record has a 3 1/2 star rating because someone who obviously should not be posting a review of this type of music had nothing better to do than ignorantly rag on it and give it 1 star. Look, I am picky as hell, and I have fully enjoyed it. Buy it!

jasoncmuxlow ,

4 stars

BRT has never sounded better. They've always been bludgeoning, but now they're actually interesting which makes for a potent combination. The bassist either stepped up his game dramatically or got replaced with a superior model.

4-star album but I'm giving it 5 to counter that 1-star review given by a metalcore fanboy that has no business talking about death metal.

HxKx ,

Come Nordic Slaughterhouse

Blood Red Throne’s fourth album is a deadly combination of old school brutality, nasty groove, and stomach punch dynamics that amaze as much as the lay to waste. Since the last album, 2005’s “Altered Genesis” these Nordic slaughter fiends have picked up two new members, Vald on vocals replacing Mr. Hustler, and Anders Haave replacing Bernt A Moen on drums. Anders continues the tradition of technical beatings without heavily triggered drums. He pummels with enough blast beats and tom fills to keep songs from drowning under the onslaught. While Vald lacks the choked bile that Mr. Hustler brought to the band, his hellion vocal range ties into the diversity of the album and brings distinction to “Come Death.” The strength of the album though goes to members, Tchort, Død, and Erlend, who have returned and wrought evil once again. A new groove element is prominent throughout the album, like the huge riffs that descend on “No New Beginning” and “Deranged Assassin.” The duo can still shred, thrash, and bludgeon like they used to, but this time it is sutured in, fitting the new sound the band is going for perfectly. Everything that bass legend Steve Digiorio (Sadus, Death) was for the Florida Death Metal movement, Erlend Caspersen is for Death Metal today. His amazing riff work and bass solos dominate the album and cements the sound of Blood Red Throne. “Come Death” is Blood Red Throne’s most ambitious album, pushing new ground in their allegiance to old school, Florida brutality.

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