3 Songs, 19 Minutes


About rRoxymore

Born in France but based in Berlin, Hermione Frank makes abstract, slyly playful dance music under the name rRoxymore. Originally from Montpellier, Frank got into the dance music scene after moving to Paris, and began DJ'ing house, disco, jazz, and other genres. She became interested in fusing electronic and organic instrumentation, and eventually she collaborated with Ekova and Speed Caravan, two very different projects featuring Algerian oud player Mehdi Haddab. After moving to Berlin, she focused on producing dance music as a solo artist. Her debut release as rRoxymore was "Wheel of Fortune," a ten-minute epic that appeared on a 2012 split 12" with Planningtorock. It appeared on Planningtorock's Human Level label, as did Frank's 2013 Precarious/Precious EP. In 2014, she remixed songs by Perera Elsewhere, C.A.R., and the Knife. After collaborating with Oni Ayhun, Aquarian Jugs, and Jaguar Woman on the Decon/Recon #1 EP in 2015, Stefan Goldmann's Macro label released her Tautologies EP. Along with artists such as Gebr. Teichmann and Taprikk Sweezee, she participated in the 2016 self-titled album by Karachi Files. Frank's Organ Smith EP appeared on Don't Be Afraid in 2016, and Thoughts of an Introvert, Pt. 1 followed on the label in 2017. Her track "Tropicalcore" was included on Ostgut Ton's Berghain 08 EP in 2018. ~ Paul Simpson