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35 Ratings

Like I said with the other...


I don't think these are even the real artists. I would suggest comparing these song to the actual song IN the anime. I mean yes, finally anime songs! But, it's just no... These are other people singing the same song, compare Kokoro No Chizu here to the same song in One Piece opening 5, then you know what I mean. Some of these songs in these albums are really close for example Kagerou from xxxHolic pretty much sounds the same, which is the only one that I have heard so far that actually sounds pretty exact.



The Prince of Tennis RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 more singles to grieve for


Merissa, Houkiboshi, Kokoro no Chizu, Metamorphose, RIP

To let Itunes know, I personally was willing to pay more than $50.00 for 12 REAL singles. I did pay $50.00 for those 12 singles (including shipping and handling), because i am a true law abiding anime fan. There are many out there who would pay $4.16 per single. There are some who aren't and those are the illegal downloaders. GET THE PICTURE

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