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5 out of 5

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Incredible talent!


Krista is amazing. She can sing and she can rap. This young lady will be huge! Buy the album, you will not be disappointed!

A breath of fresh air!


An amazing artist! album is so versatile and the true definition of REAL MUSIC! A combination of great singing, with pop, rock, and even rap comes around for what is an amazing album and an artist that is more unique than anything i've seen or heard in the music industry. It takes a true artist to put together an album that gives you a passage through her life. A must buy!

About Krista

Inspired by sources as diverse as Queen Latifah, Evanescence, and Sarah McLachlan, among others, singer/songwriter Krista was raised in Brooklyn by her father and grandmother after her parents separated when she was four years old. As a teenager, she sought refuge by writing diaries and poetry and would eventually drop out of high school at 16 to pursue musical aspirations. Three years later, she met the producer Camus at a Suicide City show; he would become Krista's mentor and work on refining her sound. The partnership would eventually lead to her being signed by Clive Davis, as well as the release of her debut album and an appearance at Lollapalooza, both in 2008. ~ Katherine Fulton

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