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34 Ratings

Great music

That other guy is an astounding speller!


I love them!!!

My step-brothers uncle was in the champs band!!! ;( he died not to long ago;(
This album rocks!!


This used to be R&B

It's interesting how much music changes. Believe it or not, Tequila won the first R&B Grammy in 1956. The song features Glenn Campbell on guitar. Glenn later when on to be a top studio guitarist before singing his big hit "Rhinestone Cowboy." Chuck Rio (Danny Florez) plays the sax and says "Tequila" on the song. As a young guitarist I worked with the Champs in the 80's. Danny told me about the history of Tequila on our gigs.

Tequila was never supposed to be a single. It was a "B" side for a song called "Train To Nowhere." They needed a second song so they picked up the song that they used to play off of the stage at the end of their sets. There are even mistakes on the track, but no one cared because it wasn't really supposed to be played. Radio wouldn't play the real single but picked up the other song (Tequila) and started playing it. The rest is history! This song brings back a lot of great memories.

About The Champs

An instrumental quintet formed in Los Angeles in 1957, the Champs comprised Challenge Records executive Dave Burgess (born Lancaster, CA) (guitar) and session players Buddy Bruce (guitar), Chuck Rio (born Daniel Flores, Rankin, TX) (saxophone), Cliff Hills (bass), and Gene Alden (born Cisco, TX) (drums). This lineup recorded Rio's "Tequila" as a B-side to Burgess' "Train to Nowhere." "Tequila" topped the charts in 1958. The Champs essentially were a one-hit wonder, though they recorded a few more singles in the same Latin dance style and kept going until the mid-'60s. The group's lineup was fluid, and later members included Glen Campbell as well as Jimmy Seals and Dash Crofts, who formed the successful '70s duo Seals and Crofts. ~ William Ruhlmann

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