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17 Ratings

A Perfect Kaleidoscope of Style and Substance


The self-titled debut album by That Noble Fury is, without question, one of the most surprising records of 2012. From the opening piano drive of its first track to the orchestral discord of the album's coda, Anthony Blaha and Tom Fellows have crafted a perfect kaleidoscope of musical style and substance. Thematically, the songs scatter politics and isolation, desire and desperation across a soundscape that is equally varied.

The record opens with "Parachute Jumper", a dynamic rock narrative for a generation raised on a steady diet of war coverage and sarcasm ("here's one for the Colbert Nation"). The song marches from staccato pulse through gentle melody and crowded vocal supplications before finally settling into sing-a-long resignation ("all it does is put us against the wall… and don't we all feel loved?"). Whether this last line is optimism or irony is left for the listener to determine. In either case, this is a strong emotional opener, and the stage is set…

The band saunters confidently through the next three tracks, exploring the highs and lows of romance. "Room by Room" pulses with an acoustic heartbeat held aloft by swirling string arrangements, as Blaha conditionally pleads his case ("I'll be good for you… if you could slow down the world"). "My Elephant" celebrates infatuation with a lighter guitar strum that perfectly suits the song's optimism. Where these tracks pulse and skip around the notions of crush and infatuation, "Boy Get Back" absolutely bounces through the more complicated politics of romance.

The next two tracks mark the album's midpoint. "Charlie" slows things considerably with a dreamy, music box quality that builds gradually and finally hints at the antique carnival playfulness of tracks to come. "North" is the sonic center of the record. The mostly instrumental piano elegy swells into an orchestral meditation in which Blaha seems to humbly understate his agenda ("I could be someone you like. Would you want to try?")

The second half of the record is a whimsical circus of sarcasm and desire ("Barbershoppe", "Nice to See You Alive", "Stars and Stars"). It is marked by moments of pure pop genius ("License to Kiss"), a plaintive piano ballad ("In California") and the final epic punch of the album's most vigorous rock duo ("Cadenza" and "The Matador"). The whispered simplicity of "Sail On", the final track, just might provide a glimpse into the ambitions of That Noble Fury ("we have all the money/lovers we could want"). On the other hand, it may simply reveal a more stoic determination to move ever forward ("we're not sentimental about the things we have done / our bags are on our shoulders"). It hardly matters. These boys have taken us on an entirely satisfying adventure.

That Noble Fury, the album, is a work to be savored in its entirety. The vocals are emotionally strong, even at their quietest moments. The instrumentation is well-crafted. Each song easily stands on it own merit, but only as a whole can the richness of the musical narrative and the incredible songwriting talent of That Noble Fury, the band, be appreciated.

A most noble album for the discerning listener...


The music world has been waiting for a fresh sound that is versatile, innovative, heartfelt, and always surprisingly delightful - and That Noble Fury's self-titled debut album delivers just that.

With brilliant instrumentation and clever harmony construction, the music itself has an inspired variety of textures, from lush and orchestral to pointed and intricately balanced. It is truly a joy to hear the weaving of a beautiful string accompaniment into the staccato rock of “Room by Room” or the dark carnival undertones evoked by “Nice to See You Alive.” Each song promises a melodic surprise that cannot help but enchant the listener. Lyrically, the songs are sometimes sharply witty, sometimes introspective, sometimes frankly melancholy, but always thoughtful and clever in a way that is rare today.

The first listen to this album intrigues you, the second makes you fall in love, and the third hooks you on That Noble Fury for life. Any music fan owes it to themselves to take a listen to this brilliant debut album.

killer album


it's hard to believe that this is that noble fury's debut album. each track's depth and creativity reveals a glimpse into all the talent this group has to offer. can't wait for these good fellows to hit the road!