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I like it...


My name is Kanen. I am the creator of That Post Show.

( hi Kanen )

What can I say? 99 cents for this song is a bargain. Mike is a talented guy who wrote this song for my podcast for free. Giving him 99 cents helps support an artist and a friend. You should do it. I mean, you probably tipped the guy who made you a sandwich today and he got more than 99 cents… for what? Making a sandwich?

Support an artist. It's good karma.

Also, listen to That Post Show and you'll hear this song and others like it. It's fun and informative. And we only drop the f-bomb a few times per podcast.

Love it


Awesome! It makes me want to listen to the podcast. This song rocks almost as much as Mike does.



Great podcast and really cool theme song!