3 Songs, 12 Minutes


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The Apex - The Apex

The Apex is a rock power-duo, featuring bassist-guitarist-vocalist Shem von Schroeck and drummer-vocalist Steve Di Stanislao. This 3-song debut EP hits you right out of the gate with "Fight (The Ship of Lies)" and its meaty guitar riff, punchy drum groove, and explosive vocal harmonies. "Faith To Die" is a masterwork, exposing the band's harmonic depth, while its message serves as a personal reflection into the human conscience. The EP closes with the powerful "The Spin (Walking Contradiction)", a paradoxical look into the incomprehensible attitude that exists amid today's progressive culture. The musical wisdom and years of performance experience of von Schroeck and Di Stanislao are highly evident in this elegant recording. The tracks are wrapped in masterful production details, capturing a band that understands the beauty of record-making as well as the need to speak what are often inconvenient truths.