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4.8 out of 5
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28 Ratings
St Yiggidy (himself)


4 a bunch of teenagers, great creativity and talent. Hope they get back together


Favorite metal album, thus far.

Well, in layman's terms, At the Throne of Judgment is just effing awesome. They are, by far, my favorite metal album I've hear in a long time. Their frontman knows how to dish out both gutteral growls and high(er)-pitched screams seemlessly, and with the skill to back it up to boot. Their guitarists are seriously talented, with nary an open chord (or one, chugga-chugga chord) through the entire album; they just shred and shred until the final chords of the album. And last-but-not-least, their drummer knows how keep every song sound very different from one another and can drum with speed not only in the double-bass, but with the upper-body portions too.

Their lyrics are what really got me, too! They give off this aura of supreme intelligence, writing about Greek, Roman, and even Egyptian mythology and events. Drifting away form the standard "F--- you, you f---ing b--ch," and, "We will slaughter all," of their fellow metal musicians, they bring a breath of fresh air to the metal scene, even if it's 3 years down the road.

Let's just hope they can find a new frontman (they shortly lost their old lead vocalist after this release) can dawn a new hope for this talented, albeit confused, metal band.


Good album

They still have their vocalist.. I don't know were that guy that said the frontman left after te release. But he's back now, he's been back for a while actually.

About At the Throne of Judgment

Originating in the town of Lebanon, OH, At the Throne of Judgment was formed in late 2005 and within two years, vocalist Eric Kemp, guitarist Brad Weaver, bassist Adam McKibben, and drummer Roger Hensley were releasing their debut album, The Arcanum Order, through Rise Records. Unlike most of the label's post-emo-focused roster (featuring bands like Drop Dead Gorgeous and the Devil Wears Prada), At the Throne of Judgment specialize in brutal, Scandinavian-brewed death metal topped with historical lyrics. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Lebanon, OH


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