12 Songs, 40 Minutes

2:15 Album Only
3:14 Album Only
3 3:28 Album Only
2:36 Album Only
5 3:10 Album Only
6 4:56 Album Only
7 2:04 Album Only
8 3:35 Album Only
9 3:40 Album Only
10 3:10 Album Only
11 4:27 Album Only
12 3:40 Album Only

Customer Reviews

Am I in a trip or is this real

El fua 167337754,

F***ing finally man, took you long enough

Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest

Visitor Blim,

The album has been out in Australia for awhile now, so I got myself a copy. Already pre-ordered through iTunes, but the release date has changed multiple times and I really couldn't wait any longer. I guess Apple censors crtitical comments because my previous complaints on this subject resulted in my review not being published.

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