10 Songs, 50 Minutes


About Spacer

Spacer is a vehicle for renowned electronica engineer/producer Luke Gordon to stretch out and show what he can do on his own. Gordon was turned on to electronic-dance music by Herbie Hancock's classic "Rockit," and by the early '90s he began engineering for such acts as the Sandals, La Funk Mob, and Chris Bowden. But Gordon's true love was creating his own music, as a few of his tracks appeared on obscure compilations before the release of Spacer's 1996 debut album, Atlas Earth, which included guest musicians Bowden, Ian "Juryman" Simmonds, and Max Moore. That same year, another Spacer track, the epic "Contrazoom," was issued as a single and featured on the compilation Pussy Galore, which proved popular in dance clubs. 1997 saw Gordon remixing tracks for others (including the Cure's "Gone"), as well as the collaborative album Mail Order Justice (credited to Simmonds vs. Spacer), and the solo album Sensory Man. Spacer toured Europe in 1998 and Gordon also found time to produce Red Snapper's sophomore effort Making Bones and the band Dip (which included former Sugarcubes member Sigi). In 2001, Gordon completed Spacer's second release, Beamer, a sonically rich album that features house, techno, dub, jazz, orchestrated strings, and brass. ~ Greg Prato