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5 Ratings
La'Porsha is amazing


I’ve been a huge fan of VERIDIA since day one and this album doesn’t disappoint. Great work, guys!


"The Beast You Feed" Is Amazing!

Wow! This album has been worht waiting for! I love each and every song. The concept of the first five songs portraying negative emotions and the last five songs portraying positive emotions works so well! "Numb" is a really nice heavy album-opener, I especially love the bass on that, I love the energy of "Feed The Animal". The entire sound of "Savage" is great, especially the drums. The feeling of "Ghost" is really mysterious and I really love the backing vocals on that track! "Cheshire Smile" sounds like it's mocking the fakeness of the situation, which is very clever. I love how VERIDIA can make songs about negative things without making the listener feel depressed. "I Won't Stay Down" feels like a proper introduction into the light side of the album. "Reckless" is so powerful and the vocals really shine in the song. "Dopamine" is a really chill song and I love the feel of it. "Perfume" is a cute-sounding song with a cool lyrical take on admiring someone's joy. "I'll Never Be Ready" is truly a tear-jerker and is perfect for ending the record. All in all, this is a beautiful debut album! I'm so proud of this band!

Fem metal lover


This album has been a long time coming. Having found these guys by opening up for Evanescence 2 years ago, I was stoked to finally have a new group to dive into. Back then they only had 2 EPs and a Single out. All of which were pretty great. And finally they announced they were releasing their debut album and I knew I had to be a part of it. I got to witness them at their album release party and hear all of these songs live. Talk about incredible. This album is written and out together so strategically and beautifully. The first half being that of anger and letting it out. With the second half being of acceptance and starting to finally see the beauty in the light again.

Some personal highlights are Numb, Cheshire Smile, Ghost, I Won’t Stay Down, Reckless, and I’ll Never Be Ready. As you can see, that’s more than half of the album, and the other 4 songs are great as well, these are just the ones that always get me pumped.

I hope this band goes far. Can’t wait to see them again so I can hear these songs live all over again.


Boasting a big, lush sound that incorporates glitchy electronics and soaring alt-rock, Nashville's VERIDIA have risen quickly since forming in 2013. Dallas natives Deena Jakoub (vocals) and Brandon Brown (guitar) relocated to Nashville after disbanding their former group Don't Wake Aislin. There they recruited guitarist Trevor Hinesley and drummer Kyle Levy and began gigging locally and inserting themselves into the festival circuit. Signing with Word Entertainment, they released their debut EP, Inseparable, in February 2014. ~ Timothy Monger

Nashville, TN