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so refreshing!!


I do not know this band, other than stumbling upon them on iTunes last night. Thank you iTunes for the new music you've exposed me to….and this band ….In The Valley Below…is so great. I am on my 3rd listening to their The Belt album and I just have to say this is some pretty great stuff. By a band you never heard of. Let's hope that changes ….FAST. I love this album.

great songwriting. Better live


I had never heard of them until Peaches. I do enjoy that song but recently saw them live and was blown away. I feel the album version doens't do them justice. The songs are precise and hard hitting live. Neverminders is incredible and just wait till the chain comes out.

About In The Valley Below

A Los Angeles-based duo with a penchant for crafting stylish, noir-kissed blasts of dark electro-pop, In the Valley Below formed in 2011 around the talents of vocalist/guitarist and Memphis, Tennessee native Jeffrey Jacob and vocalist and Muskegon, Michigan native Angela Gail. Employing an evocative mix of sumptuous power balladry and sleek, radio-ready indie pop that falls somewhere between Phil Collins and the Kills, the duo, who also brew and sell their own beer, issued a series of singles and EPs in advance of their Arts & Crafts full-length debut, The Belt, which was released in August 2014. They appeared on late-night TV's Conan the following February, and their single "Peaches" landed on the Billboard alternative and rock songs charts later in 2015. Their next release came in the form of the Elephant EP, issued in the summer of 2017 behind the single "Bloodhands (Oh My Fever)." ~ James Christopher Monger

    Los Angeles, CA

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