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2.6 out of 5

43 Ratings

43 Ratings

Ya Gotta Be Careful


The only real ones are My True Love, The Big Hurt and There Goes My Baby. However, Little Richard does a great job in each and every performance, IMHO, and is worth the 99 cents. Reminds me of the disclaimer on some of the old K-Tel albums "The Original Hits done by one or more of the original artists". What's worse are the remixes from the multitrack masters on other oldies collections. They sound "close" but no cigar. Check out Bless You by Tony Orlando. The chicks are so far back in the mix, they can barely be heard. And they were the main part of the hook. Anyway, iTunes is still a great service. Now, could we please come to an agreement and get the Beatles stuff on here. OK Apple Corps. OK Apple. Please?

20th Century Rocks:50's Rock and Roll

Old Paddy

Buyer Beware! Stay away from anything K-tel.Mostly all bad remakes of the originals.

One For One

El Conquistador IV

One star for having one original track ("The Big Hurt") out of seventeen. Sad, iTunes, sad.

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