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4.7 out of 5
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119 Ratings

been lookin' for this release - need a better link -was hard to find

stu dent

I looked for this at midnight a couple weeks ago and just found it tonite. Praise the Lord. The tunes here are agggressive and a little more street, but upheld by pure truth of the Gospel of Christ. in my opinion # 5, #6 , #14 , #8 and #1
are standout tracks. Be blessed and study the Word of God after u listen to this one.

Its the Chop Chop


Praise the Lord for Pastor Duce a.k.a. The Ambassador who no longer wants to keep his relationship with Christ at the surface but desires to go deeper with the Savior and challenges us to do the same .
This album will have you hungering for God. Im not talking about the God that we have created because of what we think about him but the God of Scriptures.
This album challenges all Christians to get intimate with Christ. I mean lets not call this thing we have with Christ a personal realtionship if we aren't willing to put time into it and learn about He who is perfect. So if you dont have the Chop Chop you should get it. I mean you should have got it. Like yesterday. However its not too late so go and grab it because its the Chop Chop, its the Chop CHop. So lets chop it up brothers and sisters in Christ and break down these amazing truths about God. "Let Him take you beneath the surface/ beyond the altar call often we defeat the purpose/ We cant get it all in a weekly service/ He's just too deep we're walking with He is so perfect" - The Ambassador That is just a sample of the hot fire on the album just waiting for you. So go get it man cuz its the Chop Chop

A gift for the hip hop generation!

KNINE Warrior

I have been waiting over 2 weeks for Itunes to make this album available. I am in Afghanistan so I am not able to just go to the store to buy this album. I am so glad they finally got it. This is by far his best album. He combines his Master's of Theology education from Dallas Theological Seminary with sick beats and drops powerful lyrics to build up the hearer as well as challenge their life. The Ambassador lives Hebrews 6:1 on this album, "we must progress beyond the elementary instructions about Christ and move on to maturity." The Chop Chop calls all hearers to take the meat of God's weighty truth and "chop it up," chew it until it becomes a part of you.This album is worth so much more than $9.99. I would have bought it for $50.00. This is a must have album, I haven't stopped listening to it since I purchased it.

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