8 Songs, 36 Minutes


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Soooo good!

Such an amazing album, written by hearts that truly love The Lord.

Jennie Riddle

An album for the Church!

My heart finally got to say what it had not yet found the words to express. Praise God!

Saint Lewis Band

Be happy that you did!

An astounding effort by a cross-section of the local church. Ascension is not a conventional band, & this is not an average collection of songs because of it. Musicians & worship leaders from multiple churches - serving the church universal - bringing their original songs & skills to the table to craft a surprisingly accessible, well-produced collection of new original corporate worship! A few highlights: "Grace" is for those looking for a solid new mid-up-tempo song; immediately singable, & incredibly catchy. "Hope is Alive" & "Spirit Move" are what I called 'Monster Ballads' - they're down-tempo, & begin quietly, but grow & grow into HUGE ANTHEMS that you'll not forget. "Psalm 67", another notable, is a beautiful re-working of the Word - the melody captures me from first not until last. For under $8 this CD is a steal. Buy it. Listen. Sing these songs in the car. Sing them in your church. You'll be happy you did!

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