4 Songs, 15 Minutes


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The Clearing- EP


Very listenable with palpable emotion. This set offers an interesting range of clean, soothing, meticulously crafted layers, from flowing to percussive and rhythmic without redundancy. The surprise transitions are a welcome treat. Highly recommended!

Superb EP!


A beautiful instrumental EP with lush arrangements and finely tuned production, "The Clearing" is an expertly crafted piece that is both uplifting and at times deceptively melancholy. Opener "Wednesday's Child" begins with a glitchy, deteriorating tone that gives way to twinkling piano and a swooping, blinking synth that can only be described as the musical equivalent of fireflies--odd for an EP that is decidedly "winter" in spirit, but somehow not out of place at all. The mix is fleshed out with a rumbling rhythm section featuring a robust bass line and subdued kicks and snares that contrast elgantly with punchy claps. Comparisons could be made (without detriment) between this track and the trippy ambiance of certain Aphex Twin or Massive Attack songs. Shifting gears Philip takes us into "Supplication" which features a string heavy arrangement that exudes warmth throughout. The pleasant waves of sound rise and fall but never really break until they subside into silence before entering "The Garden of Trees." Here the strings take a back seat to Philips exquisite piano playing, which grows from quiet serenity into a sound of tortured elegance through the final minute of the song as the lower keys are struck with emphasis. Closer "The Zen of Movement" reunites the opulent synth voices, swirling strings, bright piano, and balanced percussive elements into a mix that is sonically complex but without ever being overly crowded--a place for everything and everything in its place. Truly a master at his craft, Philip has a keen ear for interesting synth voices and pleasing arrangements. It would be interesting to see him now experiment with more complicated synth patches and less traditional progressions. He has reached the top of the mountain and is producing tracks with razor-sharp perfection. After lingering at the top for a while to take in the view of his well-honed skills a feasible next step would be to head back down the other side and dabble in the less calculated and the imperfect. Very exciting things to come from this artist!



Philip’s instrumental, ambient compositions are calming, peaceful and are great to listen to on the way home from work while stuck in traffic, it’s nice background music at dinner time, it’s perfect for listening to through earbuds at bedtime, really, it’s great to listen to any time!