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One of the best thrash albums to come out in a long time


It is amazing to think that these guys are so young and their songwriting is so mature. Every song on this album is very well written and I am personally very pleased that Heafy decided to ditch the harsh vocals (for the most part). EVERY metal band today is doing that, it's old and boring. I like that they throw it in here and there however. The guitars are tighter than they have ever been and the riffs growl! Paolo in fact actually has some outstanding bass solos and Travis has proved that he isn't the typical thrash drummer (one TWO three FOUR one TWO three FOUR). This is an extremely well written album and I'm looking forward to their next release. MAY THRASH METAL LIVE ON FOREVER!

A Change For the Good


For any body who doesn't know, Trivium has always considered themselves as a trash metal band. Progressing through their albums, they are trying to make a statement that metal can change and go back to its roots. If they just kept there original sound and didn’t evolve, they would be just like every other mediocre metal band out there. Everybody sounds the same and not many bands try to innovate and change the face of modern metal like Trivium has. This is the best album Trivium has put out, and they will continue to get better.

About Trivium

Hailing from central Florida, Trivium formed in 2000 and quickly built a buzz around Orlando's metal community with their blend of metalcore, thrash, and progressive metal. Having secured a contract with the German imprint Lifeforce, the band issued its debut album, Ember to Inferno, in October 2003 with a lineup that included vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy, drummer Travis Smith, and bassist Brent Young. The debut was well-received, and Trivium signed with Roadrunner Records for their next effort. Ascendancy appeared in March 2005, at which point the band's roster had shifted to include Heafy, Smith, bassist Paolo Gregoletto, and guitarist Corey Beaulieu. The album was reissued in May of the following year with four additional tracks and a bonus DVD. Trivium then visited the U.K. in June for the 2006 Download Festival, followed by multiple European headlining gigs and a stint with America's traveling metal/hardcore fest Sounds of the Underground. The tour saw them playing alongside other heavy-hitting bands like As I Lay Dying, GWAR, Cannibal Corpse, and Terror.

Crusade appeared that fall, featuring a newfound emphasis on singing (previously, vocalist Matt Heafy had relied on screams and throaty growls). Despite the band's active defense of Heafy's vocal approach, Trivium received much criticism for their shift in sound; accordingly, they wasted no time in returning to a scream-filled thrash style with 2008's Shogun. In 2010, Trivium announced drummer Nick Augusto would be replacing the departing Smith. Later that year, the band went into the studio to begin work on their fifth studio album, In Waves, which was released in the summer of 2011 and saw the group bring a bold new approach and maturity to their songwriting. However, feeling that the album's gestation process had been overlong and that they had produced too much material, they decided to focus on quality rather than quantity in the on-the-road writing sessions for their next record. The band tapped Disturbed's David Draiman to produce, and the metal veteran took a real hands-on approach, bringing a newfound sense of melody to Trivium's sound. The finished album, entitled Vengeance Falls, was released in October of 2013; it received enthusiastic reviews from critics, and charted well in the United States, the U.K., Japan, and Europe.

Trivium underwent yet another personnel change when they parted company with drummer Augusto in May of 2014. He was replaced by drum tech Matt Madiro. Late in the year the band entered the studio to begin work on their seventh album with producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette and mixing engineer Josh Wilbur. The title track, "Silence in the Snow," was issued as a video single in July of 2015, with the album followed on Roadrunner in early October.

The album was their first to land on the Active Rock Top 10 and secured them headliner status for The European festivals Summerbreeze and Bloodstock. In late 2016, Trivium partnered with Cooking Vinyl to re-release their Ember To Inferno in several variations. The two deluxe editions contained the band's earliest demos including "Ruber" (a.k.a. the Red Demo), "Caeruleus" (a.k.a. the Blue Demo) and "Flavus" (a.k.a. the Yellow Demo), all recorded when Heafy was between 16 and 17 years old. ~ Johnny Loftus

    Orlando, FL

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