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MikePhillyFloydDead ,

The Kinks and Rolling Stones songs are what's worth it

After hearing "Strangers" and "This Time Tomorrow" in the preview, I went out and bought the "Lola vs. Powerman and The Moneygoround" album from The Kinks which besides the extremely overplayed title track (if you can even call "Lola" that considering the title mentions 3 songs) has a lot of other great songs that would've been great for The Darjeeling Limited. (Note to Wes Anderson: "A Long Way From Home" and "Intro/The Contenders" would've been great songs for the movie as well.)

The Rolling Stones' "Play With Fire" is a hauntingly beautiful piece of music. Definitely check it out, then hopefully explore some other great tunes from that early-to-mid 60's Stones albums (check out "She Smiled Sweetly" and "Ruby Tuesday" which Anderson used in The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack)

The bits of Indian Music are great too. It just makes you feel like you've booked your seat on The Darjeeling Limited and are just laying back watching India pass by you.

Anyway, if you wanna hear the Peter Sarstedt song that was the staple of Hotel Chevalier or the silly Les Champs-Elysees or any of the other music, definitely give this album a whirl, but if you wanna hear more great tunes by The Kinks, consider getting the afformentioned album, which unfortunately iTunes doesn't carry, as well as the rest of their amazing 60's material.

lconn ,

Do it, you'll like it

Like a lot of other people, I was initially really annoyed that I had to purchase the entire album just to get a couple of songs (I couldn't get the Peter Sarstedt song out of my head after seeing the film). But after listening to the whole album, I'm quite glad I have it. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the Bollywood music while I was actually watching the movie, and am amazed at how well it flows with the Kinks, Rolling Stones, etc. This soundtrack evokes the spirit of the movie perfectly, and it's definitely worth buying the full album.

thiru21 ,

Wonderful medley of music that fit the mood of the film

To really get the music, you MUST have seen the movie. The soundscape gently guides you through the whimsical journey taken by these quirky characters and permeates the movies like it was meant to be.

To those 'one-star' whiners: You should be ashamed of yourselves. You came here because you liked the music. Slapping it a 'one-star' rating to a piece of music you liked, just because you couldn't get it piecemeal is so frikkin' mean.

To everyone else: If you have seen the film and liked the music, this compilation of 22 tracks is guaranteed to please you with at least 12 tracks that you like. Think that the rest of the tracks are just free, as you are gonna pay only 11.99 for whole album.

Enjoy the jouney. If you didn't like it, it is OK, but please don't stink it up for others.

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