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Yossarian 5,

I've been waiting for this album for five years since I was first introduced to the Daylights. I've never been let down by any of their singles or EPs. This album won't disappoint.

Thank you for consistently creating great music!



A great marriage of music. As expected, lots of great melodies and hooks from the boys. Vocals have really evolved. Guitars are on another level. Drums are a sonic daydream. It's like Tom Petty had a love child with 1987 U2 and raised it on really good European rock--and paid for classical training somewhere along the way with a strict, bun-haired, respectable teacher who instills music theory with nightmares. Brauer really punched some of the tracks in the teeth, like "The Last Time" and "Rogue." Youth really brought out a lot of the band's gifts--the elevation of complete song as story and melodic development. Great job guys!

About The Daylights

An alternative pop/rock trio with a lush, bombastic sound, the Daylights formed in 2004 in Los Angeles, CA. Brothers Ricky (bass/guitar) and Ran Jackson (guitar/keyboard) provided the group's foundation, while Danish drummer Svend Lerche joined the lineup several months later to replace the departing Adam Farley (with whom the band released its first recording, The Shift and Blur EP). With Lerche on board, the Daylights landed a high-profile touring gig with OneRepublic and released another EP, 2008's Sans Radio, while readying the release of the band's debut album. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Los Angeles, CA

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