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20 Ratings

Always perfection


I have yet to be disappointed by a single song, album, collaboration, or band David Hodges is part of. It's been a decade+ of love, and it's worth every weight. Again, this album takes you from darkness to light with stunning instrumental introduction, taking a heavily produced song like Falling Out of Love and stripping it down to the bare bones of emotion. His tribute to Abigail is every bit as moving as the previous album's nod to Juliet. The songs are catchy and provoking, a wonderful combination of the emotional spectrum. Worth way more than 8 dollars and some change, I would pay it again and again to be taken on David's musical journey.

Amazing, as expected...


I have always been a die hard DH fan, regardless as to whether the music was created by him solo or the work of one of the bands/groups he has been a part of. He was and has been the main inspiration for me personally on a musical level as I first began playing guitar and song writing. Being an AR native myself I've always related on an even deeper level. Though not on the same level as December Sessions Vol. 1 mainly due to my extreme biased favortism for Icarus & Returning To Sand, this album is none the less an excellent piece. I love most of the songs and even the ones that aren't my top picks are still musically sound and great in general. Keep up the amazing work Mr. Hodges and thank you for being such an awesome inspiration to me musically and for being a lead example in this world for just how important music is and how much it can truly touch the heart and control the emotions of those that partake in it. -Colton C

It’s okay.


To be honest, I only listened to it for a day or two after I bought it and I’ve somewhat forgotten about it. Production sounds rushed compared to the first one. There are a couple real gems on here, but most of them I’m pretty indifferent to, which is a first for me.

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