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Catchy 80's style songs and great production quality

Snoopcat II,

Someone recommended the album to me. Saw that some of the guys from Danger Danger (loved this band) were in it and writing songs. Gave it a listen and wow, this is actually pretty good. Not just one or two songs but most of the album. Lyrics are cliche 80's style lines but they are sung quite well and the melodies are spot on. After a few days, these songs are still what is getting played on my ipod versus listening to hair nation or the old classic hair metal songs. Nice to have new material that sounds this good.

I'm not a big music techie but I'll tell you this, the production on this album really stands out. I don't think DD had a ton of cash laying around to go into a fancy studio knowing that album sales are slow. I'd be interested to know where and how this was produced so well.

Danger Danger Alumni!!


Yes, it is Paul Laine on vocals and guitar! In addition, Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello are the other key members of the band. The first two tracks sound awesome, so I’m optimistic about the rest of the album.

About The Defiants

The Defiants are no strangers to the hard rock scene. Formed in 2015 by vocalist Paul Laine, bassist/guitarist/keyboardist Bruno Ravel, and guitarist Rob Marcello -- former bandmates in hair metal band Danger Danger -- the Defiants brought the big arena-rock sound of the '80s and early '90s into the aughts. The reunited trio formed the new project at the urging of their label head and, bringing in Van Romaine on drums, they recorded their self-titled debut, which was also produced by Ravel. Released in April 2016 on Frontiers Records, The Defiants contained melodic hard rock anthems full of guitar solos and singalongs reminiscent of the stadium-packing '80s style popularized by bands like Journey, Bon Jovi, and their own previous band, Danger Danger. ~ Neil Z. Yeung


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