4 Songs, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes


About Motion Sickness Of Time Travel

Motion Sickness of Time Travel is the solo project of Rachel Evans, an ambient musician and visual artist residing in Georgia. Using a mixture of analog and digital synthesizers, in addition to guitars, pianos, and any other instruments available, she records immersive experimental drone pieces, typically improvising and layering multiple tracks of instruments and her own vocals. In addition to her solo work, Evans also produces music with her husband, Grant Evans, as Quiet Evenings. The two ran the Hooker Vision label together from 2008 until 2014, subsequently forming Adversary Electronics in 2015.

MSoTT's first releases appeared on Hooker Vision in 2009, and quickly made a big impression among fans of experimental ambient music. Digitalis released her cassette Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious in 2010, shortly followed by a vinyl issue at the start of 2011. Luminaries & Synastry also appeared on the label that year, and earned praise from music websites like FACT and Pitchfork. During the same year, a split LP with Nova Scotian Arms (Grant Evans) appeared on Aguirre Records, and Evans continued releasing cassettes on labels like Sweat Lodge Guru and Tranquility Tapes. In 2012, MSoTT released a self-titled double album on Spectrum Spools, earning further acclaim. The following year, Boomkat Editions released The Perennials, a mini-album containing some of the project's most rhythmic pieces. Since then, Evans has primarily self-released limited cassettes and CD-Rs with handmade packaging. ~ Paul Simpson



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