10 Songs, 51 Minutes


About Jeremy Baum

New York native Jeremy Baum was born in Woodstock in 1971, a few years too late to enjoy the music festival that made the town famous. Baum might have picked up on the festival's vibe, or maybe he just absorbed the rich musical culture of the area, but either way he became a piano prodigy and made it to college with his impressive playing skills. After joining a blues group in New York City, Baum got the chance to perform with big name artists including Richie Havens and Ronnie Earl. This led to session work, including a stint with the Band and several guest appearances on albums and TV specials. Once he started teaching in 1997, he cut down on his live appearances, but the allure of the industry drew him back and soon enough he was leading his own trio. He put together his first album in 2002, Lost River Jams, and released it on Flying Yak Records that fall. ~ Bradley Torreano

Woodstock, NY