16 Songs, 56 Minutes


About Non Phixion

Discovered by Third Bass' MC Serch, during the heyday of Wild Pitch Records, Non-Phixion quickly generated a lot of hype -- and went through a number of labels -- before their long-awaited debut was finally released. Composed of MCs Ill Bill, Goretex Medinah, and Sabac Red, along with DJ Eclipse, Non-Phixion mixed graphic, unsettling lyrics over dirty, gritty beats -- often composed by Ill Bill's brother, the even more controversial Necro. After dropping their debut single, "Legacy," on Fat Beats, Non-Phixion was quickly snatched up by Geffen. The incendiary content of songs like "I Shot Reagan" may have been a bit much for the major label in 1998, and the group soon moved to the more independent Matador. Non-Phixion's The Future Is Now was basically complete and the album was hotly anticipated by this point. After releasing the Black Helicopters 12", though, Non-Phixion abruptly left Matador. The buzz around the band continued to grow as Non-Phixion released more singles and several collaborations, often involving Necro and his emergent Psycho+Logical-Records. Finally, in 2001, Non-Phixion landed at Warner Bros. and The Future Is Now appeared set for release. That was not to be, however; for whatever reason, the release was delayed and when it did arrive in the spring of 2002, it was on Uncle Howie Records. ~ Martin Woodside



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