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Many uses besides massage!


I purchased this mainly for massage and am ecstatic that I did. I have had several clients comment on how relaxing, calming, and beautiful the music is when this CD plays. I rarely get comments about the other music I play during sessions. I am also in online school and found that this CD has greatly helped me with Algebra as well! My brain does not have to work on the words to the songs giving me the ability to focus on my studies while drowning out any distracting noises in the house.

Richard is a genius and I very much look forward to his next release.


For movement, meditation, or quiet listening.

Nichelle Strzepek,

Richard creates from a colorful palette of musical hues. The Garden Within is a pleasure to listen or meditate to, making it ideal for relaxation, yoga, or stretching. The lyrical melodies and slightly more stirring tempos in "Oh What Wonders” and “Gently Guiding,” are ideal for creating dance phrases or class choreography. The final track “Moving Forward" is a standout. Underlined with percussive elements, the tinkling piano, gongs, and tempo changes make this a favorite on the album.

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