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Triple A - All Around Amazing

David Cyze,

I find it incredibly easy to slip into any song on this album. The production and vocals complement each other perfectly and the lyrics help to give each song an extra push into the realm where one cannot help but tap one's foot or bob one's head.

Each song inspires its own feeling and emotion. And, during each song's musical climax one cannot help but feel tingles down one's spine.

Five stars!

Great Buy For Something Different


This CD isn't pop really, it's just something else, and quite different and completely wonderful!!! This album is so unique and you can feel how free they are. They're just doing it becuz they love this music, not to conform to pop hits. This CD is for chilling out to, having fun, whenever, but with the right ppl, or by yourself if u love the group!! Basically, if u like the groups singles already, this CD is a keeper! It's lovely hearing something different in music. The groups uniqueness is like a calmer Lady GaGa, but just as original, just as fresh. Just as needed in music! Love these guys. (and girl :))

About The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Putting a 21st century spin on the hip late-'60s world of Burt Bacharach, Sly Stone, and Barbarella, Denmark's the Asteroids Galaxy Tour had barely let their demo out into the world before fame came calling thanks to Amy Winehouse and the iPod family. Multi-instrumentalist Lars Iversen and vocalist Mette Lindberg formed the Asteroids in 2007. Thanks to a freshly pressed demo landing in the right hands, their debut gig was an opening slot at the request of Winehouse when the superstar singer visited the duo's hometown of Copenhagen. Soon after they were signed to major-label Universal, which released their debut single, "The Sun Ain't Shining No More," in 2008. As the Asteroids were preparing their debut album and expanding their live lineup to a six-piece, their B-52's-flavored, retro-party single was featured in a television commercial for Apple's iPod Touch MP3 player. Fruit, which arrived in 2009, included "The Sun Ain't Shining No More" along with other playful tracks; by the time of the band's follow-up, 2012's Out of Frequency, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour had moved in a more expansive, sophisticated direction. They continued to refine their approach on 2014's Bring Us Together, which was released by Hot Bus Records and saw the duo incorporating hip-hop, reggae, P-funk-style funk, and a more straightforward pop into their already happily over-stuffed sound. ~ David Jeffries

    Copenhagen, Denmark

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