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amazing song

cliche vibes


This is an upbeat song about enjoying the benefits of fame - but it has a few weak points. This song seems to take on a lot of stereotypical, mainstream rap messages and put them into one piece. Ironically it seems like something MattyB wouldn't rap about just a year ago. It's an ok song, but has some less than meaningful lyrics - 'if I flex, they say that's unfair', quit wasting my time, the young homie's home, get out my chair, etc. that seem to take up space in the song rather than make a point. Lots of rappers rap about their 'grind', having many ladies around them, being rich, etc. I guess it was his turn to make a song like that. Nothing wrong with showcasing your success - it's just a tired, worn out hip hop theme by now. (Cliché)

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