12 Songs, 31 Minutes


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Was pleasantly surprised. I think it's catchy car music and has a nice groove to it. It has a cool 70's vibe too which I'm really into lately.


It is just rock n’ roll after all, isn’t it?

Overall The Great Mistake is a fun, rocker of an album. Hale shows that he is capable of creating some really good tunes that are centered around a nice poppy hook. It’s nice to hear his band take a step back to a more relaxed and simpler sound, though at times it does seem to be a bit too relaxed. Lyrically the songs are far from challenging, but the result is an entertaining album that sounds like a group of musicians that enjoy making music rather than trying to achieve something greater through it.

Kevin Kozel


Not a Mistake by any means!

I loved Ed Hale's solo album : Ballad on Third Avenue so I was somewhat biased towards Hale's acoustic rock songs. But The Great Mistake, was like an unexpected gift!!! A surprisingly catchy rock album that lifts you up and makes you want to sing and dance to it. One after another catchy song made me think: "oh this ones my favorite" but then the next song would come along and soon become my favorite. This is a really fun and high energy album with great vocals and music. I am super impressed by Ed Hale and the Transcendence continuing to deliver such diverse and cool music!!! The Great Mistake is definitely one to add to your collection!!

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