7 Songs, 26 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
137 Ratings
137 Ratings

This album has been out since 2010

This is the only EP they will ever release.

Releasing this on iTunes 2 years late was dumb though.

Abe Luis

Epically outstanding!!

This is not only the best but only album where no not only see one or two outstanding singers but three "the amazing Johnny Craig, the wonderful Vic Fuentes, and the best singer/song writer of all times Craig Owens" of the best singers from three different bands. If you have not listen to any of the truly outstanding song that "in my opinion" changed the way music is seen "again in my opinion".


Would be SO much better without Vic Fuentes...

He litearly RUINS Cemetery Weather for me. Came here for Jonny, ended up liking Owens, worst of Vic I've heard. But Jonny and Craig in Viola Lion are great!... Unitl Vic...

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