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Way Out West

Jerry Jodice,

I do a weekly independent music podcast called The Great American Music Hour (available on iTunes) and have played Joe West numerous times on my show. I especially like "Oklahoma Bound" and the title track, "The Human Cannonball," but if you like those two you'll love them all. Joe's got a great sense of humor that really comes through in his music.

Santa Fe Loves Joe West


I currently reside in Santa Fe and am lucky enough to get to see Joe during his frequent gigs at the renowned/infamous Cowgirl Hall of Fame. I can't think of a better place for it...this town loves him, and in a way, his songwriting helps define the town. Joe injects his songs with a strong shot of strange, creative and funny spunk, while keeping the guitars and banjos melodically rolling along. This album has got some of my favorites...from the tongue-in-cheek 'Jam Bands in Colorado' to the title track "Human Cannonball". Excellent choice, especially if you're heading to the Cowgirl anytime soon. Great dinner tunes to go with your green chile enchiladas!

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