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About Boof

Left-field house and funk producer of many aliases Maurice Fulton released his first Boof album in 2000. Life Is Water for Gerbadaisies When They Are Dancing was issued on Spectrum that year. Every few years, between remixes credited to his birth name, collaborations with Mutsumi Kanamori (as Mu), and additional productions under names like Dr. Scratch, Eddie & the Eggs, Ladyvipb, Stress, and Syclops, Fulton returned to Boof. During the 2000s and 2010s, he made a handful of additional Boof albums, each one with a weed- or floral-themed title. A Soft Kiss by a Rose (2006), Shhh, Dandelions at Play (2011), and The Hydrangeas Whisper (2015) were all largely downtempo in nature and switched between atmospheric tracks and house-rooted grooves that combined live and programmed elements. ~ Andy Kellman



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